Aaron Cohen

aaron cohen

If an astrophysicist who was into 90’s hip-hop and trap music got wind of Aaron Cohen’s mixtape- Potential Fan- chances are he would definitely be interested in the Seattle boy wonder and current New York City resident. Here’s why: the mixtape is straight up dumb- (as in retardedly good). The beats are hip and the lyrics blends Average Joe philosophies with outside the box thought-provoking raps.

The biggest standout on the mixtape is the Potential Fan titled track. The beat gives a nostalgic feel and the lyrics are straight up dope, as the chorus goes- I ain’t got critics, I got potential fans ‘cause real motherfuckers know who I am. Other standout tracks are Gottem Coach, which sounds like cosmic trap music; the insight My Mother & My Music, where Aaron Cohen details his struggles in the music industry versus the maternal relationship with the woman that gave birth to him: though the only detail he gives of his mother is just in the chorus: And they got me about to lose it, I don’t love these bitch, I love my mother and my music.

-Rating: Well Done!!! out of “Could of Been Better” or “What the Hell?”

click on the link below to download the excellent mixtape


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