Mike Brodie started photographing in 2004 with a Polaroid and quickly became known as The Polaroid Kidd. As all documentary style photographers do, Brodie spent “years circumambulating the United States, amassing an archive of photographs” which includes his most profound work, A Period of Juvenile Prosperity. These photographs, which are currently being exhibited, are based on images Brodie took from 2004 to 2009, when he hopped on various trains, documenting on the subculture of hippies who hitchhike their way across American on trains.

“Brodie compulsively documented his exploration of the tumultuous world of transient subcultures without regard to how the photographs would exist beyond him,” read his bio.

Born in 1985, Brodie is currently residing in Oakland, Ca and does not take photographs often, though he is studying to become a railway mechanic.


“I never knew what these photos were going to turn into, what they were going to represent,” Brodie stated of his own work through The Independent UK publication.

612 North Almont Drive
Los Angeles, California

Leica Gallery Los Angeles
8783 Beverly Blvd,
West Hollywood CA


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