Born in 1979, Los Angeles, CA, ALEX PRAGER work as a photographer exemplifies a world that looks too weird to be true but at the same time seems too real to be fake. Her images are like the Twilight Zone caught at the moment life seems to stare right back at us.

“Prager’s intensely emotive and Technicolor scenes feature a strangely familiar cast of characters; predominantly women, immaculately groomed and wearing wigs, fake eyelashes and adorned in retro fashion, who resemble actors of mid twentieth-century Hollywood. Characterized by the use of constructed sets, dramatic lighting, costumes and actors, and packed with emotion and human melodrama, her work openly references the aesthetics of artists and filmmakers including Alfred Hitchcock, Cindy Sherman and David Lynch.”


Currently, her images are on view in a solo exhibition at The National Gallery of Victoria but the renowned M+B gallery in Los Angeles also features some of her work.


Alex Prager has exhibited at museums including The Museum of Modern Art in New York, The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC, and Foam Museum in Amsterdam. She has also completed fashion editorial work for publications such as Vogue and W Magazine, and her short film Touch of Evil, commissioned by The New York Times Magazine and starring celebrity icons Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Kirsten Dunst, won a 2012 Emmy Award.



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