your old droog


Your old Droog came out of nowhere. Well actually he came out of Coney Island, New York via Ukraine.  Last summer, Mr. Droog had the internet buzzing. Without any marketing scheme he dropped an independent EP ( The released started to immediately attract attention. The kid sounded like the legendary Nas. And being there were no pictures of Mr. Droog and being Nas did not comment on the comparison ( Droog means friend in Russian) everyone and their grandmother started to think the guy was actually Nas in disguise. But eventually Mr. Droog exposed his identity and after the exposure, people started to pay more attention to his raps; as if they had not already done so. His wordplay is tricky, poetically intertwining complex rhyme schemes with flawless delivery a la Nas, Biggie and Kool G Rap. His choice of beats is reminiscent of Hip-hop Golden Age but less like Joey Bada$$ and more like updated samples of  Pete Rock with a blend of Statik Selektah curated by Action Bronson.


Skip to his current release: KINISON EP

The eleven track EP continues right where his last one left off: excellent flow, great choices of beats; who says New York isn’t back! Standout tracks include Blood produced by El O’Him RTNC,  The song has a simple bass loop and a ghostly vocal sample that says Blood as the chorus. The only way to understand what Mr. Droog is saying is to put each track on constant replay until you understand what the hell he’s saying. And once you understand what he’s saying a smile pops up on your face to match some serious head nodding.



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