Call them the 2015 the Pharcyde/Slum Village/Souls of Mischief/ A Tribe Called Quest, call them black hippies or call them whatever you want but whatever you call them, make sure to add talented artists to such label. These ATL natives recently dropped the well crafted TORBA EP. This new age for the new age organic hip-hop duo’s release consist of abstract beats and poetic rhymes. The first track features Mack Miller and other outside contributors features, Jordxn Bryant, OG Maco and J.I.D.

The EP is a shotout to hip-hop’s golden age but the beats does not sound any audio archive from the past. Earthgang’s TORBA EP is a break from the simplistic outputs Atlanta has been putting out as of late and is definitely a must have for the summer. All yeah, forgot to mention these two miraculous dudes have the potential to carry the Outkast’s torch.


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