art basel


Art Basel Miami Beach has gotten pretty big, and not because Jay Z name dropped it on a song (Picasso Baby, “Twin Bugattis outside the Art Basel”). Not because it’s a favorite fall destination for retro rocker Lenny Kravitz; nor has it gotten bigger because uber cool Kanye West and his reality TV empress Kim Kardashian had been spotted (before the baby boom) their either. If you think you know anything about art better get your ass to Art Basel Miami Beach during the first week of December. But despite how grand Art Basel Miami Beach has become, though the first few years of its inception was not that well received. Some said it was too snobbish for the average art lover (if there is such a thing) and some of the pieces that were shown in the Miami Beach Convention Center (where the actual Art Basel is held) actually sucked. Renowned Painter Wiley Kehinde debuted a major piece at the fair. Concert and club promoters started bringing in musicians (Kendrick Lamar, Nas). Its original idea in having exclusive art in an exclusive location has evolve. Various satellite festivals has grown out of it, away from ritzy Miami Beach and into the streets of Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood (where folks like to acknowledge their hipsterness). Art Basel Miami Beach and the various other festivals that exists during Miami Art Week, is a place where the established mingles with the up and coming, a place where a grandma and a grandson could brilliantly converse in Picasso versus Basquiat while munching on cheese and sipping pinot grigio. Be there or be square or don’t be there and read about it.





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