Instagram didn’t kill the photojournalist

Despite the wild popularity of Instagram and no matter how smart you think your phone is….the pictures you take on your phone and the stuff you guys post on Instagram sucks. Sometime around 1998, I was getting ready to graduate college and like all anticipating graduates, I was clueless about the future. But one thing I was certain of was that I wanted to be a journalist/ photojournalist. Life Magazine was still in print but eventually ceased publication after the Internet had decided its physical presence was no longer needed. I used to go to my school’s library to read archival clippings of old photos on Life Magazine. I spend countless days and long hours in the basement of the library reading biographies on war photographers such as Don McCullin, James Nachtwey, and Robert Capa. My girlfriend at that time was jealous. “How could you spend so much time at the ‘library’”, she used to ask me, insinuating that I was cheating on her. But yet she was right, instead of making love, or spending time on the couch watching “novelas” with her, I was at the library, trying to equip myself with the necessary knowledge to one day be a great photographer such as the legendary Gordon Parks (if you don’t know who he is shame on you, cut and paste his name and Google it, what are you waiting for…NOW). A few years after I graduated and eventually left that small college town, I did a few freelance gigs, writing and photographing for a few publications out of Miami. Despite my efforts at being a decent photographer, the Internet killed my dreams of being a documentary photographer. But I continued photographing but most of those images didn’t get published. They were hidden secrets, even to myself. “Post your photos online” another girlfriend at another time demanded of me. This stubborn idiot eventually listened and now I’m Instagram bitches! (

But I’ll be damn if I post any pictures. The hell with the Internet (minus this blog).



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